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The buoyancy compensator device is a piece of safety equipment required for all scuba divers. It is a type of vest with an air bladder that can be inflated and deflated by the diver depending on the type of buoyancy required. Buoyancy compensators were originally designed as simple life jackets for divers so they could float face–up on the water’s surface.

The evolution of today’s buoyancy compensators have combined the function of proper buoyancy with multi-functional systems that do many different things. Today’s buoyancy compensators also have many different accessories that require assistance from experienced suppliers.

We are here to assist you with choosing the right buoyancy compensator and accessories. We also can assist you with information on the many attachments, add-ons and other unique features.

bcd wing bladders bcd wing bladders diving bcd jacket diving bcd jacket
T30 technical diving bcds wing only and complete set, with CE certificate T50 technical diving bcds wing only and complete set, with CE certificate scuba diving bcd jacket with PU leather
scuba diving bcd jacket with PU leather
scuba bcds Scuba-BCD-device regulator first stage regulator second stage
BCD30 retal bcds non weight integrated BCD51 jacket style with integrated weight system R112 DIN ICE+R102 DIN ICE, diving regulators first stage NA3X+AE4X+NA9C+A9P, diving regulators second stage
snorkeling sets full wetsuit scuba tank diving console gauge
snorkeling sets include mask PC frame, tempered glass, snorkel, diving fins PP blade, TPR shoe. packed by mesh bag Neoprene fullsuit wetsuit, with long sleeves and legs, different material thickness are available 12L steel scuba tank and aluminum diving cylinder, with K valve connecting DIN or YOKE pattern diving regulators. three console gauge includes depth gauge, pressure gauge, compass.

When diving, your buoyancy fluctuates with your depth and the amount of compressed gas in your tank(s). To keep from constantly fighting to maintain your level depth, the buoyancy compensator or BC automatically keeps you at level depth. As you’re diving, you have the control of maintaining your depth through the buoyancy compensator by simply inflating or deflating the air bladder on the device. Since the primary purpose of buoyancy compensator is to provide lift, the amount of air the bladder can hold depends on the size of the bladder. Bladders come in extra small and extra-large sizes. Extra small sizes can lift only 15 to 20 pounds and extra-large sizes can lift over 70 pounds. Keep in mind that BCD wing jacket style buoyancy compensators provide more lift than back mount buoyancy compensators. 

In addition to buoyancy control, the numerous varieties of buoyancy compensators also affect floating behavior, underwater mobility and your capability to carry things.

Back mount buoyancy compensators also called ‘BCD wings’ have BCD bladders located on the back and on the left and right sides of the air tank. This type of BC is very popular with underwater photographers and technical divers, because it leaves the chest and waist clear. Back mounts are very stable and offer both oral and power inflation. They also have pockets that can be filled with varying amounts of weight.   

Sidemount Diving buoyancy compensators also called ‘Sidemount Diving BCD’ were originally used in cave diving because the air tank is located on the side of the diver instead of the back. All regulators, valves and hoses are located in visual proximity to the diver and accessible at all times. This makes it easier for the diver to adjust buoyancy in the water. The air bladders are located on each side of the diver as wings which are similar to cave diving wings.    

Front-Adjustable Jackets are the least popular of buoyancy compensators. They can adjust to the varying thicknesses of wetsuits and easy to wear and remove.

Stabilizing Vests provide excellent stability because the air moves anywhere within the jacket. They are very comfortable and have exceptional buoyancy behavior. This type of buoyancy compensator is used by mostly by recreational divers.

Also we have other options of diving bcds, such as light weight bcds for easy diving and travel diving, rental bcds for tourists, circulated air cell with integrated weight system etc.

Our made buoyancy compensators are as good quality as you can find among the many global distributor brands, such as Aqualung seaquest bcds, mares bcds, oceanic bcds, sherwood bcds, cressi sub bcds, tusa bcds, Poseidon bcds, scubapro bcds, zeagle bcds, oceanmaster bcds, Hollis bcds, dive rite bcds, seacsub bcds, Xdeep bcds, OMS bcds.


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