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Diving boots are also commonly known as wetsuit boots. They are similar to socks except that they are thicker and are made of wetsuit material. Diving shoes are applicable in numerous water sports such as scuba diving, sailing, kayaking and surfing. They are multi purpose boots. They protect the diver's feet and also keep their feet in shoes from freezing when under water. They provide support and extra traction in order to make diving as comfortable as possible. Diving boots are supposed efficient and comfortable, most have elastic bands around the opening to prevent sand from getting into the shoes. Every wetsuit boot should be as comfortable as possible for efficiency in diving.

Wetsuit boots should be able to provide chassis as well as comfort when used in finning. Every diver is in search of the ultimate boot that provides maximum protection and outstanding support even when carrying heavy dive gear. Diving boots that have zippers are supposed to have zip stoppers which always keep the top of the boot as tight as possible. This is to prevent the zip from sliding down when diving which results to water getting in the boot and freezing the diver's feet. When selecting a pair of diving boots, it would be wise to look for boots that best suit your intended purpose as well as those that ensure your protection and comfort.

The designing of diving boots varies depending on the intended usage of the boots. Some are manufactured with soles that are strengthened and reinforced to provide proper heel support. This type of diving boots is intended to provide amplified protection for the diver's feet, especially if the diver walks on corals, shingles and any other sharp objects. They are able to give the diver peace of mind when moving about under the water. Diving boots that have protected soles are purposely intended for wading since their nature makes it difficult to wear them with fins. In addition to providing support, these boots also provide heel cushioning and offer impact protection. Despite their tough outsole, they are still able to minimize weight and remain flexible.

On the other hand, there are diving boots which are tailored in the form that they are capable of providing thermal support to the diver's feet. The boots are able to keep the diver's feet at optimal temperature in rough environments through absorption of water by their neoprene material. The absorbed water acts as an insulator to the skin by trapping the diver's body heat. The soles of such boots are less thick and can be used with fins. These boots are usually tucked into the leg of the wetsuit with the intended purpose of reducing the loss of heat generated by the body. When diving boots are used with fins, it is recommended that they should have a fin-strap retainer to prevent the driver from injuring the Achilles tendons when finning. Note that socks can also be worn with fins in order to prevent chaffing and blisters.


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