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swim cap,swimming caps are weared by swimmers when swimming, it can avoid hair to be totally wet by chlorine water, and decrease the resistance. we have silicone material swim cap and latex swimming caps, each swim cap is packed by zippered carrying bag, there are many different colors can be made, such as the common colors of red,blue,white,black,royal,yellow,green etc. Also we are able to produce the caps as per the pantone color code if your quantity over 500pcs/color. Each color logo printing need one silk screen mold, extra one more color logo printing need one more silk screen mold and printing fee, we are able to print ten colors for logo, and covers the cap edge, this difficult printing can be made on non-wrinkle round caps, seamless swim cap. Competitive swim caps are made of tightly fitted silicone, latex, or lycra that hugs the skull of swimmers, providing cover for his or her hair. This reduces drag in the water caused by loose hair. During longer swimming sessions, a swim cap keeps the head warm.

silicone kids swim cap, fish swimming caps

kids swim cap
kids swim cap
kids swim cap

Swim cap is a silicone or latex head cover worn by recreational and competitive swimmers. Swim caps are also called bathing caps. Keeping the hair dry, protecting hair from chlorine or sea salt and reducing the loss of body heat are said to be some of the benefits of wearing a swim cap. Competitive swim caps are also designed to create less drag or resistance in the water. Swim caps cover the entire head from the forehead to behind the ears to the nape of the neck. Both the silicone and latex types of swim cap are stretchy and made to adjust to different head sizes. A swim cap is not usually recommended for children under age four, and many children's swim caps feature fun designs in bright colors.
Adult swim caps are also colorful and may feature graphic designs. Silicone caps are usually more vivid in color than latex swim caps, also more comfortable and last longer than latex swim caps, As silicone is a more breathable fabric. so latex swim cap is often less expensive than the silicone variety and may be ideal for occasional use.

OEM services offerred, ok to customize printed silicone swim caps and customize printed latex swim caps with your swim team logo as per your specifications. Customize your swim caps with your swim team logo or text, printed on both sides of the swimming caps. We have been involved in swimming for many years and supply hundreds of clubs overseas. We understand the needs of swimmers and athletes, both as individuals and members of a team. Silicone material allows head to breathe for a more comfortable fit, and this durable, pliable silicone swim cap can be stretched to more than double its original size, and featuring a soft texture, silicone swim caps can be quickly removed and won't snag your hair.

Swim caps are worn for various reasons. Some facilities require the wearing of swim caps, in order to protect filters from becoming clogged with loose hairs which fall from the scalp of swimmers who are not wearing a cap. Caps are also sometimes worn in an attempt to keep the hair relatively dry or free from chlorinated water, to keep the sun off of the hair, and also, when a cap is worn with ear plugs, in order to keep water out of the ears. A swim cap may be easier to put on if the hair is wet. Many swim caps don’t keep hair totally dry anyway as air pockets may be created in the cap during swimming. Shorter hair is usually easier to manage when wearing a swim cap, but longer hair may fit better in the swim cap if it is firstly twisted into a bun.


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