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Swim caps are usually made by silicone material, which is very soft and flexible for swimmers to wear for swimming. Also we have latex, lycra, polyester caps. The swim caps fit swimmers head, it could reduce the loose hair falling in the swimming pool and also keep head warm. We offer customized logo printing on both sides and pack them in a pvc zip bag. Various colors are available as per pantone color code, and quantity need 300pcs for each cap color.

multi colors swimming caps, silicone swim cap

multi-colored swim cap
multi-colored swim cap
multi-colored swim cap
multi-colored swim cap
multi-colored swim cap
multi-colored swim cap
multi-colored swim cap
multi-colored swim cap
multi-colored swim cap SC158 multi-colored swim cap SC155 multi-colored swim cap SC157 multi-colored swim cap SC152
multi-colored swim cap multi-colored swim cap multi-colored swim cap  
multi-colored swim cap SC156 multi-colored swim cap SC159 multi-colored swim cap SC160  

Silicone swim caps are by far the highest quality of swimming caps that you would want. They not only offer an impeccable grip, but also have a great design for durability and functionality. In comparison to a latex cap, the silicone is much more comfortable and is likely to last longer without relaxing on its performance as a protective gear for your swimming activities. The silicone swimming cap is exceptionally relevant and enticing, thus making for a good branding candidate for sporting organizations and companies in the swimming industry.

Customization is considerably lucrative as a branding concept and other than quality, you also need to consider the aesthetics of whatever it is that you are branding. We believe that silicone swimming caps are superior to the latex swimming caps and therefore we recommend and offer these to our clients. Once we agree on silicone we are also able to discuss the branding merits that would suit your organization in order to meet your advertising needs.

The most common problem with branding silicone swim caps is the limitation that you may find depending on the design and material of the cap. Some silicone caps can only bear a logo on the front or at the back. Our silicone swimming caps are however able to bear any logo that you desire, both at the back and at the front. This will ensure that you are able to get the exposure that you need, whether from the back or from the front. With this, whosoever wears the silicone swimming cap will be an automatic marketing vessel for your given brand. The kind of silicone swimming caps that we sell will not only give you the freedom that you need for your branding needs, but also assure you of high quality logos upon printing.

We are able to offer you the best in quality, design, and comfort with our range of silicone swim caps that you can print on both sides without fearing for the quality of your logos. The idea behind this high quality fabric and design is to ensure that you are able to get your message to the target consumer in terms of your branding and market awareness. With the high quality silicone swimming caps that we sell, you are thus able to not only have your logos looking really good, but also on both the front and the back of the cap. You may have a lot of considerations before you undertake a branding campaign, but if you need some custom swimming caps, we are here to assure you of high quality silicone swimming caps that are truly the best in the market. 


Our Scuba bcd wings technical bladders and diving equipments are exported to the worldwide countries like American, Canada, Italy, Germany, Greece, UK, France, Turkey, Ireland, Spain, Australia, New zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Philippine, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Russia, Poland, Austria, Mexico, Belgium,Venezuela, Bulgaria, Burma, Chile, Colombia, South Africa, Peru, Costa Rica, Norway, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Gibraltar, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Iceland, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Netherlands, Panama, Romania, Switzerland etc.

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