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Swimming is one of the greatest sports or leisure activities on earth. Dealing with water sometimes can be extremely dangerous especially when it has to do with Mother Nature. This means a swimmer needs to be extremely careful about his or her safety. Of the many safety equipment needed by swimmers, swimming goggles is perhaps the most important.

Swimming goggle can simply be defined as forms of protective eyewear that protects or encloses the areas surround the eyes in order to prevent water and particulates found in water from striking or entering the eyes. This means they have to be watertight. Besides, most are also designed to improve underwater vision when swimming, snorkeling or just exploring underwater.

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Mirror lens metalized swimming goggles

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Prescription swimming goggle, optical lens swim goggles

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Popular swim goggles

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Kids cartoon swimming goggles

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Functions of Swimming Goggles

· Help to improve vision
Light is refracted when it hits water surface and this interferes with vision under water. Objects tend to appear larger and closer than they really are. Goggles work by creating a pocked of air between your eyes and the lens that this corrects the visual anomaly caused by the refraction.

· Protect the eyes
Sea water is usually salty and if it enters the eye, it can cause irritation and slowly damage the eyes. Pool water too is not safe because it is chlorinated. Chlorine is also causes severe irritation when it gets into the eyes and can slowly lead to visual problems. Some waters are murky meaning they contain particulate matter that can cause trauma to the eyes when they strike.

Shape of swim goggles
There are many different swimming goggle shapes with each shape serving a different purpose. The smaller and flatter designs are mean for competitive swimming. They are usually not very comfortable but they are streamlined to reduce resistance and improve swimming speed. The common shapes include:

· Swedish goggles: Although they are relatively new entrants into the market, Swedish goggles are becoming more and more popular for competitive swimming. They sit squarely on the eye socket to provide less drag.

· Classic (gasket) goggles: These are currently the commonest shape used and they come in two types depending on the material used-silicon or foam. While most swimmers prefer the silicon type it does not have any advantage over the foam ones. They can take either oval or round shape with the former being suited for people with smaller facial frame because it fits well.

· Swim masks: This fall between the conventional goggles and snorkel masks. They take different sizes and some may be more streamlined. They are popular with children because they need very little adjusting and they come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are extremely comfortable.


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