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How to choose a suitable buoyancy compensator device for scuba diving?

There are so many different brands and styles of scuba bcds, how should we choose the right and suitable bcds for ourselves diving?

bcds are used primarily as utility and safety devices, they also should be comfortable. Herebelow we offer five tips on selecting the most comfortable buoyancy compensator:
1.      Select a design with a non-restrictive fit around the waist and shoulders
2.      Select a design with weight distribution to the hip area and away from the shoulder and chest area
3.      Select a design with weight pockets and pouches that can hold up to 20 to 25 pounds of total weight
4.      Select a design with buckles hat can be easily opened and closed
5.      Select a design with retainers that keep hoses secure and out of the way

And there are also some simple tactics for buoyancy compensator maintenance, just rinse the buoyancy compensator with fresh water after every use. Also fill the air bladder with fresh water and drain out. You can add Listerine mouth wash to the water to kill any germs. Also use warm water to remove salt crystals the may form within the bladder. Store the buoyancy compensator partially inflated in a dry, cool place away from sunlight.

Swift Manufacturing ltd supplies top quality scuba bcds that are designed with different specifications, for the sake of providing the best services, the buoyancy compensators at the company have been certified to be safe to use under the water and they deliver the best services when fully inflated. There are those that have been specifically designed for women, which will not be too tight or too light. There are also those for men, so everyone will have something that will suit them perfectly.


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