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How to use the diving mask?

A diving mask or scuba mask is a very important piece of equipment that is worn on the eyes and nose. It enables a diver to see clearly under the water. The mask provides air space in front of the eyes. This airspace allows light to the enter the eye without being refracted by water thus improving visual focus and clarity. Diving masks usually have a single tempered lens or two lenses in front of the eyes. A watertight seal located below the lens, known as a skirt, prevents water from getting into the eyes.

1. Fit the Mask Properly Before Diving: Always check that your mask fits perfectly to your face before taking a dive. Use your fingers to take off any hair trapped underneath the skirt. Then strap the mask securely to the back of your head. If possible, test the mask briefly under water before going to greater depth.

2. Leave the Mask on While Diving: Avoid taking off the mask under the water. If you pull off the mask, moisture will come into the mask. Eventually this could condense and make the mask cloudy and ineffective.

3. Apply a Defog Solution: You can add a defog solution or substance on the inside of the lens to stop air from condensing on it. A low-cost car windshield cleaner could also act as good defog substance.


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