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NAUI - National Association of Underwater Instructors

NAUI or National Association of Underwater Instructors is founded in 1959, it has offices in several parts of the world, including its headquarters in Florida, USA. NAUI is continuously growing and promoting dive safety through education of membership, diving instructor could decide and adjust the teaching content by themselves experience. Anyone who becomes a member of NAUI will earn the respect of others in the industry. Members of NAUI are respected for their ability to provide high quality education and for making others more aware about safety issues.

different levels or grades of NAUI:
scuba diver-->advanced scuba diver-->master scuba diver-->specialty scuba diver-->scuba rescue diver-->advanced scuba rescue diver-->skin diving instructor-->assistant instructor-->divemaster-->instructor

There are several different NAUI courses to choose from. These courses include: leisure courses, headship courses, discipline courses, practical courses.

In the leisure courses, you will learn about how to become a skin diver or junior skin diver. You will also learn how to become a scuba diver or junior scuba diver. Other than these courses you will also learn how to become an experienced scuba diver as well as advanced scuba diver, and more.

If you are planning on taking headship courses then you can learn how to become an assistant instructor or skin diving instructor. Other than these two courses, there are also the divemaster and instructor courses to choose from.

NAUI also offers various specialty courses. These include but are not limited to deep diver courses, dry suit diver courses, EANx or Enriched Air Nitrox courses as well as Scuba Rescue Diver courses. Other than these courses you can also choose to become a Search and Recovery Diver, training assistant, underwater archaeologist, underwater ecologist and the like.

If you are looking for practical courses, then NAUI offers a whole range of options. You can for example choose to become a cave diver (Levels 1, and 2), Cave Guide (TSL) and cavern diver. There are a number of other courses on offer including CCR Mixed Gas Diver, Extreme Exposure Diver, Ice Diver, Semi-Closed Rebreather Diver and even Sidemount Diver.

The main reason why people want to undergo training at NAUI is that it is committed to offering the best quality of diver training. NAUI also makes use of several methods to ensure that its high standards are met. That is why NAUI will actively keep tabs on and publish latest quality assurance activities. People who become NAUI members are called by different names including NAUI certified instructors, NAUI certified Divemasters, NAUI certified Assistant Instructors and NAUI Skindiving instructors. There are also three different categories of members including instructors, leadership members and honorary members.


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