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PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors

PADI is the world’s largest recreational diving membership organization, Professional Association of Diving Instructions is a leading organization that trains people in scuba diving. PADI Worldwide (corporate headquarters) is located in California, United States. PADI is international in scope with service offices in Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom. There are presently more than 6200 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts in more than 183 countries and territories. In addition, there are more than 136,000 different PADI pros that have given more than 23,000,000 certificates to people in various parts of the world. In order to serve the needs of divers worldwide, translations of PADI materials are available in at least 24 languages. The membership includes dive businesses, resort facilities, academic institutions, instructor trainers, dive educators, divers, snorkelers and other watersports enthusiasts. There is sure to be a PADI diver course and scuba diving services available in nearly every part of the world.

PADI Professionals make underwater exploration and adventure accessible to the public while maintaining the highest industry standards for dive training, safety and customer service. Those who enroll with PADI to learn diving will undergo excellent training at the end of which they will be educated about the skills and safety as well as local environment. These courses are centered on the student and will offer greatest practice.

The PADI education courses are based on a philosophy that revolves around education, experience, equipment and environment conservation. The best part about undergoing PADI education is that their courses are certified to be compliant with ISO standards that are associated with different levels or grades.
1). Open water diver-->advanced open water diver-->rescue diver-->master scuba diver
2). Open water diver-->advanced open water diver-->rescue diver-->divermaster-->open water scuba instructor(Assistant instructor) -->specially instructor-->master scuba diver trainer-->IDC staff instructor-->master instructor-->course director

If you want to become a scuba diver you will need to get your PADI certification. Similarly, if you want to become an instructor then you have to finish as developmental program. After you become an instructor, you will have complete knowledge about the PADI system and you will be trained to successfully conduct PADI programs according to certain criteria.

If you are planning on taking a PADI course, then you will have several options available to you. The first option allows you to become a PADI diver. The second option is for those who are already PADI divers to be master divers, and the third option is for those who want to become PADI professionals and instructors.

The Discover Scuba Diver course is a quick as well as easy course that introduces you to what it is going to take to discover the world beneath the water. You should at least be ten years old to enroll in this course.

If you wish to become a PADI Open Water Diver then you will need to take the PADI Open Water Diver course. This course wil teach you how to scuba dive and how to explore and discover the treasures beneath the surface of the water.

The PADI Rescue Diver course is very challenging and at the same time it is also the most rewarding course. This course teaches you problem solving techniques and is available to everyone who wants to learn about self-rescue and recognizing as well as managing stress in your diver colleagues.

The different applications include Open Water(OW), advanced open water(AOW) and rescue as well as diving master, and to be an instructor. There are different diver level courses, and introduce you to scuba diving step by step. Then, you can become certified as an open water diver and PADI scuba diver. If you wish to improve your skills then you can try out courses in higher levels.


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