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Diving with donut bcd wings and complete set

It seems that there are numerous misconceptions regarding bcd wings diving equipment. Most individuals tend to associate this system with technical diving and so for many reasons it is largely ignored. Although in technical diving the backplate and wing are a primary option, it is not limited to this. It can be just as useful in hundred feet cave dive as it is on a 30 foot reef dive. This system appears more technical and refined, but it is far more comfortable and practical in water and on the surface, on boats and land while preparing for a dive.
Being able to redistribute and alter weight on this system is relatively easy. How a diver trims out in the water will depend on where they want to carry weight, how easy it can be removed and what other weight or gear are also going to be used. By moving weight to the trim weight pockets situated on the cam bands if your head feels a little heavy, you will even yourself out. If you are trimmed out perfectly and need to add weight you could try the options of V-weight or a weighted single tank adapter or a heavier/thicker backplate. A multitude of weighting types that are included with this system may be added onto these bcds.

Some initial apprehension is not unusual with these diving systems because they appear to be different to most other systems. These simple designs are durable, well-built and able to be customized. For this reasons they are considered the best option for various forms of diving. Their simple design is hydrodynamic, streamlined to provide a lower level of resistance while moving through the water, as compared to other traditional bcds. There is hardly any clutter on the backplate and wing for divers to entangle their equipment or themselves in.

The continuous single webbing piece that is worn by the diver can be adjusted to the particular diver and his exposure protection. Each unit can be custom fit. An incredibly stable platform is created in the water together with the webbing and the aluminum or steel backplate that has been bolted to the double tank bands or single tank adapter. Rather than hinder, this assists the diver to achieve a comfortable and proper trim. This forms the foundation of a streamlined, effective and practical equipment configuration for optimized recreational diving or a technical diving rig.


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