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Features of buoyancy compensator device:

Buoyancy compensator device is the necessary diving equipment that used for scuba divers to control the depth underwater by simply inflating or defalting the air bladder on the device.  

Spare parts and features of buoyancy compensator device:
There are a number of features about BCD and they include the following:
Air bladder–The bladder holds the air that will be used to regulate the buoyancy by adjusting its volume, the inner bladder is to contain the air, and the outer bladder with high strength durable nylon cloth is for protection and offer abrasive resistance.
Power Inflator–These are features that help to add the gas into the bladder. The power inflator allow the gas into the inner bladder at a low pressure by pressing a button to inflate the bladder.
Dump valve–This lets the gas escape or be released in a regulated manner form the bladder of the BCD. The majority of the BCD will have more than two vents, one of the valves will be at the top of the BC, while the other one will be at the base. These will be used as the air escapes from the bladder. There is a vent at the shoulder, which used when the diver is in an upright position. The vent at the waist is used when the diver is in an inverted position.
pressure relief valve–This one will open the bladder automatically, in case the BC has been over inflated by the diver. Generally, this feature protects the cases of overpressure, which can cause the bladder to burst.
Straps–There are straps or an integrated system that holds the BCD on the torso of the diver.
Backplate– stainless steel or aluminum backplate will support the cylinder and harness.
D-rings–These ones are used to clip on the equipments like the pressure gauge, the torches, stage cylinders or the cameras.
Integrated weight system–Easily accessible weight pockets allow the divers to add weights and quickly discard weights during emergencies.
Tank adaptor–to fix tank steadily on the back with tank bands, one or two scuba tanks as per needed.
Crotch strap– hold the BC from sliding upwards when the bladder is filled with air.

There can also be other features, depending on the special use of the BC.


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