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What is buoyancy compensator device?

Whether you’re a recreational open water diver or a professional technical diver, your investment in the best quality, safest, lighter and more comfortable equipment is paramount. When you put on your scuba equipments before a dive, you want to be sure the scuba gear you’re wearing will perform to the highest possible degree. Among all of the diving equipments you wear, a few stand out as being the most important, after all without them you wouldn’t be able to do the dive. Compressed gas and diving regulator come to mind. However, without a buoyancy compensator device, you would have a difficult time staying at a level depth.  

Scuba diving is among the most adventurous and enjoyable activities. There are several gadgets and accessories that are used for scuba diving. One of the most important accessories for scuba diving is the buoyancy compensators. They are also referred to as the buoyancy compensator device, or the BCD.

What Is A Scuba BCD?
The buoyancy compensator device is a piece of safety equipment required for all scuba divers. It is a type of vest with an air bladder that can be inflated and deflated by the diver depending on the type of buoyancy required. Buoyancy compensators were originally designed as simple life jackets for divers so they could float face –up on the water’s surface.

Scuba diving bcd known as a buoyancy control device, this is a diving equipment that has a bladder that is worn around the body, for the sake of developing a neutral buoyancy when in the water. It also helps to establish a positive buoyancy when on the surface. There the bladder contains a collection of air, which will be adjusted for the sale of controlling the buoyancy. The air in the bladder will be filled from the air tank of the diver, or from their mouth.

The Scoop on what a Buoyancy Compensator Contains:
Air bladder – Made of urethane plastic in various shapes and designs. Some designs have an inner and an outer bladder with the outer bladder protecting the inner bladder.
Oral inflator – Located on the diver’s left shoulder, the inflator hose allows the diver to blow into a mouthpiece to inflate the buoyancy compensator.
Power inflator – A low-pressure tube connected to the regulator. By pressing a button, the diver can inflate the buoyancy compensator.   
Dump valve - Located on the diver’s left shoulder, this valve allows the diver to release air from the buoyancy compensator.
Pressure release valve – Combined with the dump valve the pressure release valve keeps the buoyancy compensator from bursting from over inflating.
Cylinder mount – A strap with a locking buckle used to secure the air tank.
Integrated weight and weight pockets – Easily accessible weight pockets allow the diver to add weights and quickly discard weights during emergencies.
Hose retainers – Velcro retainers that secure tank hoses so they don’t get caught or damaged.


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