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how many types of buoyancy compensator device for selection?

The buoyancy compensator device is a piece of safety equipment required for all scuba divers. It is a type of vest with an air bladder that can be inflated and deflated by the diver depending on the type of buoyancy required. We also provide you with a multiple of scuba bcds, which range in size and type. There are those that have been specifically designed for women and those for men. And do you know how many types of scuba bcds for different applications? Here are some common types of buoyancy compensators that are offered at Swift Manufacturing Ltd.

Types of The bcds:

1. Donut shape bcd wings and complete set
The wing is the heart of the system, bcd consists of an inner airtight bladder that is horse-shoe or ellipse shaped and is more commonly known as a doughnut. The strong outer fabric shell is tightly embedded between the back plate and the tank or tanks, which are attached to a cam band that loops through the adapter or backplate and wing.

2. Sidemount bcds with backplate and fishtail
Using double cylinders or sidemounts for diving originates from the world of tech diving. In order to give yourself the best opportunity to penetrate caves, you need to take up as little room as possible, this is the reason why it is better to wear your cylinders on the side instead of on the back. They are slung in a custom harness, and hang under each arm.

3. Back Inflation rear wing bcd
This is a type of bcd with bladders inflated at the back, it has backplate in stainless steel, aluminum or plastic, suitable for the professional divers who tend to carry more cylinders on their back. There are also clips, D-rings, tank bands that will hold the cylinders. The rebreather, the cylinder or the bladder, are held tightly on a backplate. The backplate is held to the diver with the harness, so it will be firm enough. On the other hand, the wings will free the diver front and on the sides. This lets them to easily inflate the bladder as they are moving upwards.

4. Adjustable bcd jacket with integrated weight system
This is a bc that is worn around the neck and just slightly above the chest. It is held in position using straps that go around the waist. Also, the straps can be designed to go around the legs. These bcs are at times referred to as the Horse Collars, since they resemble the horse collar.

These bcs have been outmoded by a vest and a wing type bc. The replacement was brought about as a result of the shift of the buoyancy towards the diver’s head, with inflation. This caused negative impacts while they were in the water. It was discovered that the placement of the ABLJ around the neck and the chest helped to offer the most ideal distribution of buoyancy.

5. Wraparound bcds
The wraparound bcs are those like the stab jacket, waistcoat, vest bc, and stabilizer jacket, which are vest that are inflatable and they are worn around the top torso by the diver. This helps to integrate the harness of the cylinder with the bcd. The bladder for filling the air can also stretch from the back, all through the sides of the diver. Sometimes, it might only cover the diver’s back.

These bcds are mostly prioritized by several divers, since they can easily regulate the upright attitude when on the surface. There are some designs that might be too tight on the torso of the diver, if they have been inflated, also, they can seem somewhat bulkier at the front or on the sides when inflated. Conversely, the back inflation, which extends on the back of the diver will be somewhat lighter.

Also we have other options of diving bcds, such as light weight bcds for easy diving and travel diving, rental bcds for tourists, circulated air cell with integrated weight system etc.


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