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Scuba BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) is very effective to give you control under the water surface. You are able to manage your diving level easily when you are using this device. If you are looking for the best bcd unit, you can consider using the BCD92. This unit is very famous among many scuba diving lovers because it has a lot of useful features like integrated weight system.

scuba BCD92 circulated air cell bcds
integrated weight system

scuba bcd device scuba bcd device scuba bcd device diving bcd
BC92 buoyancy compensator device, scuba diving bcd picture01 BC92 buoyancy compensator device, scuba diving bcd picture02 BC92 buoyancy compensator device, scuba diving bcd picture03 BC92 buoyancy compensator device, scuba diving bcd picture04
diving bcd diving bcd diving bcd scuba bcd device
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There are many advantages that you can get from this Scuba BCD 92. This unit is very powerful to support your own needs, especially if you want to enjoy your scuba diving experience. There are three main sizing options that are available now, including small, medium, and also large. You should measure your own waist size before you choose the right size for yourself. You will never regret on your decision to purchase this powerful scuba diving jacket, especially if you want to enjoy unforgettable scuba diving experience during your vacation. Purchase this BCD92 unit for getting all features and advantages from this product.

Size Lift Capacity of buoyancy compensator (Scuba BCD) Waist Size
S 14.3Kg (=31.4Lb,=140N) 30--36 (inch)
M 17.4Kg (=38.2Lb,=170N) 33--39 (inch)
L 22.5Kg (=49.5Lb,=220N) 37--43 (inch)

Made from high quality materials
This scuba jacket is made from high quality 1000 denier bladder material. This material can improve the overall durability and strength of this device. Its 1680D nylon cloth can also make you feel comfortable with this powerful jacket. This nylon thread is specially used inside this unit, in order to increase the overall lifetime of this powerful unit. Because of this strong and durable material, this unit is able to last for a few years without any complicated maintenance procedures. This BC (Buoyancy Compensator) jacket can protect all scuba divers from the water pressure.

Comfortable design
It is very easy and comfortable for you to wear this unit. This BC jacket is actually made from comfortable material that is very convenient for all users. It also has chest strap with fast release buckle. This feature allows you to wear or remove this unit from your body quickly. This unit also comes with pre-shaped shoulder straps that are very adjustable. You are able to manage the position of this jacket easily by managing this adjustable strap position. You can also feel comfortable with this unit by using its adjustable waist band made from soft EPE foam.

Safe product
There is no significant effect that you can get, especially after you wear this comfortable BC jacket. Tank positioning strap ensure that the BC unit is attached to this jacket firmly. You are able to reduce the risk of getting tank slippage problem on this device. When you look at the back side of this unit, you are going to see its comfortable plastic back plate that is very comfortable for all users. This feature is specially added to increase the safety of this product. It can be used to reduce the risk of getting any back problems, especially when you want to use this unit for a long time.

Balanced inflation

Compared to vest style buoyancy compensators, the bc jacket features superior inflation and this means it's inflated more evenly and can therefore support the body much better. That is achieved thanks to the specially designed bladder which surrounds the body and makes it easy for divers to maintain a completely vertical orientation while underwater. As a result, when wearing the jacket, you're going to feel at ease regardless of the situation and also be able to easily enjoy the beautiful underwater world surrounding you.

Integrated weight system

The weight system on the BCD92 is very well thought out and can easily accommodate up to 49.5pounds. On top of that, it also offers unmatched security, ditching and great ease of loading of the weight pouches. With just one outward pull, the handles can immediately release the weights. Besides, given the fact the weights can be easily pulled out from the weight pockets because they're intelligently fixed on the pad, an easy click of the weight system can immediately secure storage of the weight pockets. When it comes to the non dumpable weight pouch, it features pockets in the back and both of them can easily accommodate fixed weights thanks to their adjustable Velcro closure.


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