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The BCD10 back inflation rear wing bcd vest is a special diving vest specifically intended for the experienced scuba diver with excellent control skills. Besides the fact it can be used as a vest, the BCD10 also acts as the cylinder harness. It's very important to note that the BCD10 should not be considered by novice divers since it has the tendency of turning the wearer face down. This is a prime consideration when pondering to get this jacket and it's important to reiterate the fact only experienced scuba divers should opt for it.

scuba BCD10
back inflation rear wings bcds

Scuba BCD device Scuba BCD device Scuba BCD device Scuba BCD device
BC10 buoyancy compensator larger picture01 BC10 buoyancy compensator larger picture02 BC10 buoyancy compensator larger picture03 BC10 buoyancy compensator larger picture04
scuba bcd device scuba bcd device scuba bcd device  
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The top 3 reasons you need to get a back inflation rear wing buoyancy compensator:
1. If you want to make use of multiple cylinders.
2. If you're an experienced diver who travels a lot.
3. If you want to make sure you're front area is kept free from clutter.

Size Lift Capacity of buoyancy compensator (Scuba BCD) Waist Size
XS-S 14.3Kg (=31.4Lb, =140N) 24--35 (inch)
M-ML 17.4Kg (=38.2Lb, =170N) 33--43 (inch)
L-XL 22.5Kg (=49.5Lb, =220N) 41--51 (inch)

The BCD10's pattern is made of 1680D nylon (non fade cloth) and heavy duty 1000 Denier Bladder material which effectively covers the surface of the scuba BCD in order to improve durability and strength. When it comes to the inflator, using and deploying it is very simple and in case you want to attach an airsource or maybe want to rinse the inside of the air cell, you can easily remove it in just seconds.

Buoyancy adjustment
In order to adjust buoyancy, weights are used in the vest's seal pockets. The buoyancy compensator can also be quickly demounted thanks to the 2 release buckles. The blue color band add to its modern design, and logo embroidery could be made on the Velcro and weight pockets of both sides.

As a professional diver, you're probably going to want to attach a wide range of accessories to the best and in this regard, the four D rings (stainless steel) on the weight pocket and another two on the shoulder will make it possible to attach anything from regulator hoses, diving gauges, diving knives etc.

Keep in mind that the weigh pouch is non dumpable and features 2 rear pockets with adjustable Velcro closure which is very effective for improving your underwater swimming position and accommodating fixed weights. Also, the scuba bcd is generally used together with a scuba diving wetsuit, snorkeling mask and fins.

Depth control and new backpack design
The BCD10 features an excellent depth compensating waist band which, regardless of what depth you decide to dive, it will ensure a snug fit. Your body will be held closely and tightly in order to ensure an enjoyable and safe diving experience. Since the waist band is filled with a special type of foam (EPE to be more exact), it offers a truly great fit when you wear the buoyancy compensator.

When it comes to the backpack, it's specially designed to reduce tank slippage by featuring a built in traction pad. Not only that, but the tank positioning strap also holds the tank steadily. Furthermore, even when wearing very heavy cylinders, the contoured backpack provides the required stability for a safe diving experience, while the back plate's soft pad provides you an excellent level of comfort while wearing the tank.

Lastly, air dumping is simplified thanks to the 2 lower pull dumps and this is especially useful for those who prefer head first descents or when you go from a floating position to a swimming position.


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