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Scuba tank store the high pressure air and transmit breathing gas to scuba divers by regulator 1st stage and 2nd stage. It is astonishing how far scuba diving has extended especially with the innovation of scuba diving tanks. A diver will be like a fish out of water without a scuba diving tank, human beings cannot endure long times under water, even for just a few minutes.

Scuba tank, diving cylinder

scuba tank aluminum cylinder steel cylinder diving cylinder
Steel tank+Aluminum tank Aluminum scuba tank scuba steel tank air tank

Whatever your intention is in scuba diving, be it you are doing it professionally, for the first time, scuba tanks are the most vital gears in your diving adventures. There were days when divers didn’t have breathing apparatus underwater. This made diving a petty experience and it prohibited individuals from fully exploring the ocean and to come up with groundbreaking discoveries in the domain of marine biology.

The purpose of scuba diving tanks has been clearly apparent in industry revolutionizing activities like offshore oil drilling. Exploration of the oceans would have been inconceivable without scuba diving tanks. We would possibly be set back some few centuries back had we not been capable of exploring the sea and its wonderments for the past years.

Aluminum scuba tank Aluminum scuba tank steel scuba tank steel scuba tank
Aluminum scuba tank Aluminum scuba tank steel scuba tank steel scuba tank

Scuba tank diving cylinders parameters:
volume: 12 litre
working pressure: 20M Pa
testing pressure: 30M Pa
steel thickness: 4.53mm
outer diamter: 180mm
height: 637mm
net weight: 16KG
thread: G3/4
rubber substrate outer diameter: 180mm

tank substrate tank substrate tank substrate tank substrate
tank substrate tank substrate tank substrate tank substrate

You can breathe in water for long periods of time, sufficient to do what you have planned underwater due to scuba tanks. While each single scuba tanks have the same use, they come in diverse sizes, shapes and other varieties.

Scuba tanks provide the diver his own supply of air underwater. In most recreational diving, the gas used in breathing is air. These scuba tanks could be short, long, big, small and can hold different volumes of air.

scuba tank (diving cylinder)    Air Weight on land Buoyancy
Material Volume Pressure Volume Weight Empty Full Empty Full
  (litre) (bar) (litre) (kg) (kg) (kg) (kg) (kg)
Steel 12 200 2400 3.0 16 19 -1.2 -4.3
15 200 3000 3.8 20 23.8 -1.4 -5.2
2*7 200 2800 3.5 19.5 23 -2 -5.6
8 300 2400 3.0 13 16 -3.5 -6.5
10 300 3000 3.8 17 20.8 -4 -7.8
2*4 300 2400 3.0 15 18 -4 -7
2*6 300 3600 4.6 21 25.6 -5 -9.6
Aluminium 9 203 1826 2.3 12.2 13.5 +1.8 -0.5
11 203 2247 2.8 14.4 17.2 +1.8 -1.1
13 203 2584 3.2 17.1 20.3 +1.4 -1.7

Ensure the scuba diving tank that you acquire fits your frame and for the kind of diving that you are setting out to do. Diving tanks are either made of aluminum or steel. The less costly of the two options would be the steel type. Even though it is less expensive, that does not make it less useful. Steel tanks are good for approximately 30 years or more than that. it is always up to the client to for the one that matches his/her financial capacity. While aluminum is softer compared to steel , so it would most probably suffer damages earlier than the steel counterpart.

k valve k valve k valve k valve
K valve in DIN and YOKE pattern K valve in DIN and YOKE pattern K valve in DIN and YOKE pattern K valve in DIN and YOKE pattern
new valve      
new valve      

Aside from the strong material, another precaution you must not overlook to do is inspections. Your scuba diving tanks should go through several types of regular checkups and should be tested for efficiency every five years.

Diving is an exciting sport and is kind to novices and exciting to veterans, but before taking off for your underwater adventure you need to be sure you have the appropriate scuba diving tank and the best gear. Sure you may have mastered scuba diving and are set mentally for the adventure but it does matter if you do not have air to support yourself while under there. This is why you need a scuba diving tank. Presently our company offers aluminum and steel tanks that have a capacity of 12litres.


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