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diving gloves are worn by scuba divers to protect their hands from coral reefs and at the same time keep warm. In illustration, diving gloves cover hands and have an opening for each finger of the hands and thumb to fit perfectly. They are made using a material called neoprene, some are long or short patterned depending on design and function of the gloves. The scuba diving gear contains protective outfit like diving bcd, wetsuit, diving boots, hood and gloves. All these help scuba divers dive with ease.

diving gloves

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  Design of diving gloves.
Diving gloves are made using neoprene, it reduce the water penetrating into the scuba divers hands during diving, neoprene is an elastic material and this allows the diving gloves to fit any size of hands including the standard size.

Diving gloves are made using a very durable stitching technique so they can be used over and over for a long period of time. Some of the diving gloves come in special design of webbed fingers to suit the diver’s personal taste and preferences. And logo could be printed on the surface of the gloves.

Functions of diving gloves.
The main function of diving gloves is to ensure that divers have a smooth movement as they pass through water, they also increase the propulsion of divers through water because speed in water is a very important aspect for every diver.

Protect the hands against cold.
Diving cloves fit firmly in the hands providing warmth to the hands during diving. The sea water is usually cold and the firmly fit gloves reduce the surface area of heat loss through the hands.

Protect the hands against friction.
During diving the hands are exposed to friction as they try to resist water. Diving gloves provide protection to the hands during diving like abrasion and water friction.

Protect the hands against corals and other dangerous sea animals.
The sea has many dangerous plants, animals and creatures that can harm the hands. Diving gloves offer protection against all these during diving.

Diving gloves come in different designs, shapes, sizes, color and materials. Divers can now choose from the wide variety of diving gloves available depending on the purpose and also the personal preference of the diver. With the diving gloves available on the market fashion has been incorporated when designing the gloves.


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