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Scuba diving bcd jacket keeps the diver at a regular depth without requiring them to put in a lot of effort. bcd jacket is fitting comfortable, it is made of inventive materials and comes with special accessories to make your dives safer and easier. bc jacket is designed for professional and recreational diving.

scuba diving bcd jacket style

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scuba diving bcd jacket scuba diving bcd jacket scuba diving bcd jacket scuba diving bcd jacket
diving bcd jacket diving bcd jacket diving bcd jacket diving bcd jacket

One of the aspects that make this jacket stand out is the fact that it provides comprehensive buoyancy when inflated. This is because its inflation bladder has surrounded the body, making it a great option for first time scuba divers because they will find it easier to control their scuba bcd.

Size Lift Capacity of buoyancy compensator (Scuba BCD) Waist Size
XS 12.3Kg (=27.1Lb,=120N) 25--32 (inch)
S 14.3Kg (=31.4Lb,=140N) 29--36 (inch)
M 17.4 Kg (=38.2Lb,=170N) 33--40 (inch)
L 22.5Kg (=49.5Lb,=220N) 37--44 (inch)
XL 27.6Kg (=60.7Lb,=270N) 41--48 (inch)

bc jacket is made from 1680D non fade nylon pack cloth and heavy duty 1000 denier bladder material because of their incredible durability and strength. This makes the jacket both durable and strong. It also is covered by some durable shell covers. Another impressive aspect that users will enjoy is the quick release on the buckle that allows an easy fit. Instead of putting on a weight belt during a dive, a diver simply outs heavy object on the pockets. Apart from the same eliminating unnecessary weight, they serve as a safety mechanism, since they enable the diver to get rid of excess weight quickly in case of an emergency.

This BC jacket has two stainless steel D rings on shoulder belt, another two plastic D rings at the bottom, they allow some mounting grommets placed on both sides of this jacket and they come in handy when you want to attach some additional accessories such as diving gauges, flashlights and diving knife.

It features a cummerbund made of EPE foam to give you a comfortable fit when diving. Its shoulder pads come with some extra padding and this helps to reduce the weight of your scuba tank. It has a strong back plate with a padded cover. Another great component is the inclusion of height adjustment straps for the tank to make sure it remains stable as you dive. This is significant because it prevents the tank from slipping while you are diving.


Our Scuba bcd wings technical bladders and diving equipments are exported to the worldwide countries like American, Canada, Italy, Germany, Greece, UK, France, Turkey, Ireland, Spain, Australia, New zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Philippine, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Russia, Poland, Austria, Mexico, Belgium,Venezuela, Bulgaria, Burma, Chile, Colombia, South Africa, Peru, Costa Rica, Norway, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Gibraltar, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Iceland, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Netherlands, Panama, Romania, Switzerland etc.

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