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BCD10 back inflation rear wings

1000 Denier bladder material, 1680D nylon non-fade pack cloth. BCD10 back inflation rear wing bcd vest is a special diving vest specifically intended for the experienced scuba diver with excellent control skills. It's very important to note that the BCD10 should not be considered by novice divers since it has the tendency of turning the wearer face down.

BCD10 back inflation rear wings
BCD20 light weight bcd

420 Denier bladder material, 420D nylon non-fade pack cloth. In the design of light weight scuba, comfort is given priority. it fits much like a good jacket, and does not feel tight under the arms, around the waist or across the shoulders.

BCD20 light weight bcd
BCD22 light weight bcd

420 Denier bladder material, 420D nylon non-fade pack cloth, integrated weight system included.

BCD22 light weight bcd
BCD25 easy diving bcd

420 Denier bladder material,420D nylon non-fade pack cloth. BCD25 is designed in lightweight without weight system and pockets, simple shoulder buckles are for easy fit and demounting, left strap Velcro closure can fix the hoses properly.

BCD25 easy diving bcd
BCD26 travel bcd

420 Denier bladder material, 420D nylon non-fade pack cloth. When you are traveling, every pound counts. Light weight scuba bcd are designed to have light weight with plastic and elimination of back plates.

BCD26 travel bcd
BCD30 rental bcd

1000 Denier bladder material, 1680D nylon non-fade pack cloth, BC30 is a great choice if you are looking for a rental bcd. This is a quality jacket and it is both fitting and comfortable. This jacket is made of inventive materials and it comes with special accessories to make your dives safer and easier.

BCD30 rental bcd

1000 Denier bladder material, 1680D nylon non-fade pack cloth, The compensator includes a weight integration system. This implies that the diver need not wear the conventional weight belt. While for each diver this may be a mere personal preference, it is beneficial during emergency. With weight integration, the weights are sufficiently secured such that they do not accidentally dislodge, potentially sending the diver to the surface.

BCD50 weight integrated bcd

Our Scuba bcd wings technical bladders and diving equipments are exported to the worldwide countries like American, Canada, Italy, Germany, Greece, UK, France, Turkey, Ireland, Spain, Australia, New zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Philippine, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Russia, Poland, Austria, Mexico, Belgium,Venezuela, Bulgaria, Burma, Chile, Colombia, South Africa, Peru, Costa Rica, Norway, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Gibraltar, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Iceland, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Netherlands, Panama, Romania, Switzerland etc.

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